Our Future Vision is Focused On:

  • Transformational Courses

    As opposed to a lesson library, we are going to focus on transformational courses. These progressive journeys will ensure you all the hours you spend training lead to a clearly defined end goal that you can measure.

  • Refreshed Technique

    Our dancing went through some radical improvement in the past few years and we are excited to share our fresh approach to dancing in our new foundation courses.

  • A Simplified UX

    Just press play, and follow along. That's our new motto. We've combined the best of live classes and tutorials to create a streamlined learning experience that is focused on drilling and repetition.

  • More Affordable Learning

    In addition to an unlimited access subscription, we will be offering individual course subscriptions at a lower cost for anyone who wants to focus on a single transformation at a time.

  • Gender Neutral Instruction

    Our goal is to provide online instruction that is gender-neutral instruction, creating an online learning environment where everyone feels included.

  • Equal Representation of L&F

    When it comes to partner dancing, we are doing our best to eliminate leader-centric instruction and create an environment where both partners are equally responsible for the success of a dance.


  • I am a Premium Member to RhythmJuice.com, does that include access to The RJ Sandbox?

    Yes. If you are a premium member of RhythmJuice.com, you will also get unlimited access to all courses on The RJ Sandbox. Your subscription price will also remain the same in case of any future price changes on our unlimited membership option. If you are a current premium member, email us to get set up.

  • What will happen to all the content on RhythmJuice.com?

    For now, everything will just remain as is but we are not currently uploading new content to RhythmJuice.com. If the RJ Sandbox goes well, we will keep building courses here until the old site becomes obsolete at which point it will be phased out.

  • What will happen to all the progress I've made on the RhythmJuice.com?

    Any progress made on RhythmJuice.com will not be carried over to The RJ Sandbox. It's a totally different system and doesn't translate over.

  • Why are you considering changing platforms?

    After years of running a customized learning management system, we've come to realize that it is better to focus 100% of our time on creating dance lessons instead of attempting web development of features for online learning. We hope this new direction can allow for us to just do what we do best, dance.

  • What Courses are available on the RJ Sandbox?

    At the moment, we have only published some Solo Jazz courses. We have a brand new Solo Jazz Foundation, Shim Sham, and Big Apple. These courses are brand new can only be found on the RJ Sandbox. In addition, we have brought over the Tranky Doo and Jorbita courses from the original RhythmJuice since they are new content that fits in here well.

Pricing Options

All plans are recurring subscriptions. Cancel anytime. 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • A la Carte


    (Billed $19/month) Focus on a single transformation at a time by subscribing to courses individually. Subscribe to one or multiple courses. Cancel or switch courses anytime!

  • Quarterly Unlimited


    (Billed $150/3 months) Get unlimited access to all courses so you can focus on multiple transformations simultaneously. A great deal if you want to work on multiple styles and topics.

  • Annual Unlimited


    (Billed $399/year.) Get 4 months free when you sign up for annual billing on our unlimited membership plan! Our best deal for serious learners.